Crossover Episode 5: I Can’t Believe We’re A Dragon Age Podcast Now

We were so lucky to have Megan from the One Shot Network’s Modifier Podcast on to run Dragon Age for us! She’s awesome, her show’s awesome, and this game is awesome. We didn’t finish the adventure she had planned for us since someone had to leave early. (It was me, I’m so sorry) We’re going to see if we can’t get her back on after Season 4 to finish off the intrepid adventures of our heroes.

Check out Modifier here, or find Megan on Twitter.


We used a fair amount of sound effects & music sourced from in this episode. You can find the best tabletop audio at their website.

Tracks used: Dwarf Temple – The Soul Forging by Otto Orion; Dungeon of Loss – Inhabited by Olivier Girardot; Eating Hall – Fairweather by Niki Kernow; Swamp – Bayou in Day Light Fantasy by Ilicevici Serban; Elven Dirge – Farewell by Philippe Payet; Empowered Lightning Bolt Spell by Marc Cholette; Teleport Spell Sudden by Filippo Buresta;  Swinging Scythe Trap by SidnSound; Dungeon – The Halls of Abandon – Inhabited by Jonathan Pitcher; Restorative Spell by Pablo Betancourt; Breaking – Simple Large Club Sundered by Pablo Betancourt; Orcish – Orc Brute Lashes Out by Olivier Girardot; Mirror Image Spell by Filippo Buresta; Stiletto Strikes Chainmail by Ilicevici Serban; Throwing Dagger Strikes Chainmail by Ilicevici Serban; Quickened Magic Missile Spell by Marc Cholette; War Mace Strikes Chainmail by Ilicevici Serban


Under License: BattleBards Podcasters Audio License

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